The Unreal Elections by C.S. Krishna and Karthik Laxman

The Blurb: At the risk of offending you a little, Indias funniest bloggers would like to hold forth on:

  • Why Narendra Modis favourite movie is The Lion King
  • What happens to Arnab Goswamis milkman when he tries to cheat him
  • How Sonia G reshuffles her Cabinet with a little help from Britney Spears
  • Why Kejriwal cant get rid of his shawl in the Delhi summer
  • What fills Manmohan Singh with rage
  • Why Ravi Shastri must moderate the prime ministerial debate And what all of this has to do with the most Unreal Elections of the Summer of 2014

This was one book I simply had to buy ! The authors are the founders of my favourite satire website, The Unreal Times. I check their posts every day and as usual, nag everyone in my circle to check it as well 😐

So that being said, my expectations were really high and I’m glad to inform that they didn’t disappoint ! The last few chapters do meander a little but the other chapters more than make up for it. I finished the book in record time and this, despite re-reading some sections again.

One more thing I liked was the fact that they pay tribute to some of the all-time great franchises, all of which incidentally happen to be my favourites. For example, the book opens with a spin-off of the Godfather opening scene – how can we not like that ? 🙂

Overall, its a great read ! I would love to write more on the chapters I loved but I don’t want to give away too much. But if you would like to read excerpts from the book, make sure you check out their official page The Unreal Elections.