The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

What better way to get back to blogging than with a contrarian view ? 😉

So here it is – this book was seriously not worth all the hype. I have a problem of being too generous with 5 star ratings and I’ve given it 3 on Goodreads but now that I think about it, even 2 is on the higher side.


This is once again a classic case of the blurb presenting an interesting premise but the actual book failing to live up to it. I have already written about one such book here.

Here is a spoiler free deconstruction of the pros and cons

The writing: pretty average. I have the habit of taking photos of quote-worthy paragraphs from all books but no such inclinations here.

The characters: the protagonist is one of the most linear and boring characters you’ll find with absolutely no layers. Almost textbook black and white characters.

The length: don’t even get me started !

The actual mystery: this was my main problem – there is nothing even remotely extraordinary about the mystery here. Its half decent because of one premise but apart from that, its very old-school mystery writing of meticulously introducing all characters and making them all look suspicious. It is nowhere close to Devotion of Suspect X or Gone Girl where the mystery, when revealed, messes with your mind brilliantly and leaves you shocked.

Take it from a mystery junkie – skip it !