Don’t Go Away, We’ll Be Right Back by Indu Balachandran

Full title: Don’t Go Away, We’ll Be Right Back: The Oops And Downs Of Advertising 


As indicated by the title, the book is a humourous take on the advertising industry.  As also indicated by the title, its not meant to be taken seriously as an insider’s insightful account or a thought-provoking profile of the industry,etc. Its just a look at the ad world from a comical lens.

The author divides the book into chapters based on the various departments of an advertising firm and the last few chapters deal with what the firm goes through before an ad film is finally released.

So what did I like about it? The author doesn’t miss a chance to poke fun at overused phrases like ‘paradigm shift’ or high-brow jargon. Sample this

“The vignetting background, though a classic cliche, gives it all an iconographic quality – almost immutable in grammar ….. ” 

She also gives a classification of templates used by ad agencies that rings uncannily true. I personally liked the sections about the copyrighter and the art designer. They were truly hilarious.

What didn’t I like ? The book has plenty of cartoons and while some of them work, others are simply taking up space (they are just repeating the printed text in the form of a sketch). The puns at times feel laboured and hence fall flat.

Overall its a light, breezy read filled with humour and wit.  I wouldn’t recommend that you go out of your way to read it but if it happens to be lying around (as it was in my case), there is no harm in giving it a chance.