A bookworm from India with plenty of books and plenty more opinions to share ! To summarize my bookish preferences – I’m ready and willing to read any genre except self-help, erotica and science-fiction. My non-fiction reading so far has been predominantly India-centric but I’m making an attempt to branch out now.

Apart from random bookish ramblings, I will be posting my thoughts on the various books I read – they are not “reviews” per se because when armed with a degree in engineering, I can hardly be expected to give incisive reviews on say, the “lucidity of the prose”

I’m a dog-lover and my 7 year old Dalmatian (seen smiling in the picture) is a very important part of my life – he is my friend, philosopher and guide 🙂

I’m always ready for a discussion so feel free to comment, recommend some good books or just share something bookish (or anything for that matter!)


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time out to read my blog ! 🙂


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