The Poll Results and My Own Answers

First, thank you so much for voting ! ❤ 🙂 Polling has closed on my unfinished books post and here are the results 🙂

Q1. Do you give up on some books ?


That is a whopping 77% saying “Yes” and 23% saying “No”. Actually for the first 2 days, it was a full 100% saying “Yes” so I am surprised it even got up to 23%.

Where do I stand ? 🙂 I would have voted “Yes”. There was a time when I would force myself to finish a book even if I didn’t like the story all that much. I even made it a point to read every book in every series by Enid Blyton. But now that has changed and I don’t mind moving on. The minute I start feeling that it is becoming an enormous effort to read it or that I am not inclined to pick it up after putting it down once, I know I have to drop it.

Q2.Do you feel it necessary to finish the classics you start ?


In this case it is 75% saying “No” and 25% saying “Yes”. The reason I included a specific question on classics is because I felt that I’m much more particular about finishing a classic than a contemporary novel. I put in more effort there and I wanted to know what others felt. Maybe it is because of the history and significance of the book or the fact that it has an iconic status and I feel that I may miss out on something great by not reading it. I think the only classic I have left unfinished is Catch-22.

Q3. What are the reasons that make you give up on a book ?


In decreasing percentage share of votes

Style of writing is not my cup of tea – 28%

Story doesn’t seem to be going anywhere – 24%

Too much profanity/love scenes  – 14%

I have my own unique reason which you have left out – 14%

Characters are poorly sketched out – 10%

Story is too dark, twisty and depressing – 10%

This is almost fully in line with my own reasons. 🙂 The only difference is that I would push “style of writing” to 3rd place. That would make “Story not going anywhere” and “Too much profanity” my top 2 reasons. Profanity or love scenes can be part of the story but when a novel has them as page fillers to make up for lack of a story, I would just drop the book.

Hanna from Book Geeks Anonymous had written in the comments

I also checked the “I have my own reasons” box in your poll and that reason is that sometimes, I like the book I’m reading, but there’s another one that I want to read even more, so I put the first book on hold indefinitely.

Of course ! How could I forget that ? I have put many non-fiction (particularly history) books on hold to make way for a new fiction acquisition 😀

That wraps it up guys ! 🙂 What do you think ? 


3 thoughts on “The Poll Results and My Own Answers

  1. I’m intrigued that ‘too much profanity’ came in with as low a percentage as it did – when I’m complaining about the foul language in books, especially modern crime fiction, I often wonder if I’m out of step – and it looks like I am! But I don’t care! I still think any author who can’t tell a stroy without resorting to foul language should get another job. People managed to write brilliant books for centuries by just using some of the other hundreds of thousands of words in the language…

    Signed: Grumpy old woman

    Ps And the same goes for sex scenes!


    1. Ha Ha 😀 I’m with you there ! I’m ok with it if the character has been built up in such a way that it seems believable. But if it seems like its there just for the sake of it, I find it irritating. All the more if its used to describe women in crude terms.

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