Lets take a poll !

I just added one more book to my did-not-finish shelf on Goodreads this week. That makes it 2 books this year – Catch 22 and English,August. I’ll definitely write a detailed post on why I took the call but before that I want to know what all of you feel about just leaving a book halfway (although in the 2 cases above, I read only around 100 pages).

So spare a few minutes here and take the polls. In a few days from now, I’ll put up the final results 🙂

Vote away !! Oh and I have deliberately left out options like “Maybe” and “I don’t know” – I’m forcing you to choose 😉 😛

<The polling has been closed but you can check out the results here if interested 🙂 > 

Thank you guys !! 🙂 Lets see what results we get !! 


7 thoughts on “Lets take a poll !

  1. I used to be one of those people who felt compelled to finish every book I began, but eventually, I realized that reading is supposed to be fun, not a chore, so if I don’t feel like I’m getting anything out of a book, I won’t finish it. I also checked the “I have my own reasons” box in your poll and that reason is that sometimes, I like the book I’m reading, but there’s another one that I want to read even more, so I put the first book on hold indefinitely. 🙂


  2. I’m the weirdo who gave some percentage points to the answer: ”No – I finish every book I start.” 😀

    I don’t know why,but I always feel the need to finish a book.I mean there are books which take some time to get better.
    Take Possession,for example,I wondered how I would ever finish it,but persevered and in the end gave it 5 stars! The amount of work there is in that book is just mind-blowing!! One has to read it to get what I mean.

    I did give up on Lord of the Flies in December 2013,because I was busy writing applications and knew that I would be on vacations shortly after.But some weeks after I picked it up and re-read from the beginning.It is still one of the best books I’ve ever read.

    But it is understandable why people give up on reading books.Some times they feel they’re just wasting their time which would’ve been better spent on another book.Also,I thought you would like Catch 22! I haven’t read it,but it is a very popular classic.

    I guess I want to finish a book,no matter of little enjoyable it is,because I want to review it and tell people about it.


    1. First, you are not alone ! Quite a few have voted that they finish every book 🙂

      I used to feel the same way but sometimes after I persevere and finish it, I’m left feeling so disappointed that I wonder why I decided to read it at all. Personally its not that I can spend the time better or anything – no one can waste time as much as I can 😀

      I understand what you say about Possession and Lord of the Flies (even though I haven’t read them yet) and that is why I have included a separate question for classics in particular. Even today I may put in a little extra effort for a classic (Indian fiction included).

      Regarding Catch-22, I thought I would like it too and hopefully I can explain my reasons well in a blog post. Maybe at a later stage when I am more patient about life 🙂


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