Reading Plans for 2015

I realized only now that I haven’t shared anything about my reading/bookish plans for 2015. Time to rectify that !


I have decided not to set a Goodreads target this year. I was really struggling to decide on the issue but my decision-making was hastened by my dad who said “reading should be fun – don’t put yourself under more stress than what you already have.” I have to say I agree with him. So no targets this year – the aim is to read as much as I can without fretting over numbers.

What about the actual reading ?

This year I want to strike a balance between Fiction and Non-Fiction.

I really want to focus on non-fiction and that is also one of the reasons why I don’t want to set a goal. Most of the titles I want to read are technically heavy and hence naturally take more time than reading fiction. Take my current read, The Thistle and The Drone, for example. Its brilliance lies in its technical analysis.  Since these are the kind of subjects I am interested in, I have lined up more such books in my TBR and hopefully I am able to do justice to them.

When it comes to Indian writing, I also want to read more translated works along with the English ones. There are a ridiculous number of languages in India and I’ll be taking my first step towards translated works this week with Tagore’s The Home and the World.

I am not reading through any fixed lists although I am always on the lookout for some titles from the Sahitya Akademi Winners list. Two of my recent reads – India After Gandhi and That Long Silence were from it. The more popular titles are available in my library but the rest are either unavailable or outrageously costly. So I’m still figuring that one out.

Of course there has to be a mystery or a thriller every once in a while – what is reading without that ? 🙂 Just today my mom was asking me to get her a serial killer mystery book 😐

That just about sums up my plans (or the lack of them) for 2015.

What are your plans for this year ? Are you reading through any specific book lists ? Let me know !


2 thoughts on “Reading Plans for 2015

  1. I’m looking forward to your reviews of Indian fiction. I continue to be fascinated by the writing coming out of India at the moment, even though some of it doesn’t quite work for me. I just finished Aatish Taseer’s new one ‘The Way Things Were’ and it’ll be getting a rave review from me – really great. Have you read any of his stuff? As I was reading this one, I was thinking I’d love to see a review of it from someone who knows India from the inside, to see if they felt the depiction of the society (the rich, this time) was authentic.


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