Questions posed to NYPL

I found an article online and I absolutely had to share it with you guys 🙂 I’ll quote some of my favourites and then give the original link – you have to check it out !!

People Google a lot of strange things. But while the anonymity of the internet certainly helps them feel comfortable indulging certain inquiries, our curiosity as humans didn’t start with the invention of the search engine. 

“If we didn’t have the Internet right now, and you were looking to find out information on the migratory patterns of blue birds, you couldn’t just go to a computer and ask,” says Morgan Holzer, New York Public Library’s Information Architect. “You had to find an encyclopedia, which were expensive, so you would go to your library. And if you were at the library and didn’t want to find an encyclopedia, there’s a person standing right there who you could just ask and who had been trained to either give you an answer or tell you where to find an answer.”

And sometimes those librarians in the general research division—who are responsible for fielding all sorts of inquiries, either over the phone or in person—wrote down the questions they were asked.

Here are my favourites from the list 😀

Now for the best of all – give this some thought and get me the answer people !!

You can find the original article here – let me know which one is your favourite ! 


6 thoughts on “Questions posed to NYPL

  1. Oh gosh, these are hilarious. I think my favorite is the one about the ducks in the pool. XD Although, the one from the person who thought he saw Adolf Hitler (in 1947!) is so ridiculous, it’s amusing.


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