2014 in First Lines

I’ve scaled back on memes overall but this one seemed interesting and a chance to get all nostalgic so why not ?  I found the idea at Fleur In Her World and at Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings and it was originally started by The Indextrious Reader.

Since I started this blog only from April, my 2014 for this post also starts from April 🙂


“Lets start with some insight into who I am as a person”

This is from my first ever post on the blog 🙂


“About the author: B. Raman served as the head of the counter-terrorism division of the R&AW from 1988 to 1994”.

From my review of the book – The Kaoboys of R&AW 


“Lets assume for the sake of this post that you have no specific book in mind when you go into the bookstore.”

This is from one of my Musing Mondays post where I had asked fellow bookworms how they decide what book to pick up when at a bookstore.


“This week the topic is anything to do with classics – the ones that are your favorites or the ones you want to read or pretty much anything to do with the word “classics”.”

Guess what ? 😛 Its a Top Ten Tuesday of course !


“Hi there ! How is everyone ? Yours truly is getting back to blogging today”

Just announcing my comeback after a break 🙂


“The story revolves around the affluent Ghosh family of Calcutta.”

From my review of The Lives of Others 


I have placed the original quotes first followed by my views. Time for some introspection and confessions then !

From my post on Book Snobbery – as honest as I can be !


Unfortunately no posts in November due to the extended blogging break 😦


Hello everyone ! How are you all ?

Once again announcing my return to blogging 🙂

Here is what I have learnt  …. 

Reading overall has been tilted more towards Indian authors.

2015 needs to have more reviews and when I say more I mean MORE !!

Although I would have liked to blog continuously and consistently, there are large gaps in my schedule so far- how do I prevent those ? No clue for now ! 🙂

In a lot of posts I have mentioned that some books X,Y,Z are going to be next but I’ve gone ahead and read something completely different 😀 😛 Typical !

That is my first year (ok ok first 9 months) of blogging in first lines 🙂


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