The Sunday Book Club Challenge

Its time for a reading update again ! 🙂

I was trying to finish reading this pile of books …..


But before I could complete it, I was “challenged” by The Sunday Book Club !

Allow me to explain ….

The Sunday Book Club (TSBC) is a twitter based ….well…. book club (didn’t have that sentence planned out properly). They conduct regular bookish discussions every week along with various other games, giveaways, etc. You can check out their full list of activities on their blog here and connect with them on twitter @TSBookClub 

One of their events is the monthly TSBC Challenge in which, if you decide to participate, they challenge you read a book within that month. They make an effort to make sure that the book is …. well…. challenging(what is wrong with me today ?!?). Before I blabber on further – I decided to take part for October and here is the book I was given…….


Here is the unbelievable yet true story of Sybil Dorsett, a survivor of terrible childhood abuse who as an adult was a victim of sudden and mysterious blackouts. What happened during those blackouts has made Sybil’s experience one of the most famous psychological cases in the world

Honestly, I don’t think I would have ever come across this one on my own. My interest is definitely piqued and I am hoping it makes for an interesting read !!

If any of you have read it, feel free to link up your reviews !


3 thoughts on “The Sunday Book Club Challenge

  1. I remember seeing a film version of this, quite some time ago…there was something about a rabbit…I wouldn’t normally remember films I’d seen on tv so long ago, but this one made quite an impression, as it was something I hadn’t really heard of before – split personality disorder. I hope you enjoy the book. And yes, I re-read blog posts and find I’ve been repeating a certain word without noticing all the time…not any particular word, just a word!


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