And Thereby Hangs A Tale by Jeffrey Archer//Why I Gave It Up

And Thereby Hangs A Tale is a collection of 15 short stories of which a majority are inspired by real life events and a few are purely fiction. It is the second book this year that I have given up on halfway. The only difference is that I left the last book because it was theoretically heavy but this one I am leaving out of sheer disappointment and boredom.


I read 7 stories before I decided to stop. Of the 7, only 2 were worth a read and the rest were simply too predictable to make any kind of impact. Most stories are along the lines of legal investigations or cons and how can the latter possibly be worth your while if you can see through the con in the first paragraph ?

Ok forget the con stories. Even if I am willing to overlook them, there are of done-to-death story ideas that really irritate. For instance, how many times have all of us read the story of the blind man who strikes up a conversation with an interesting woman only to find out later that she too was blind ? I have read versions of this story across many settings and if I remember right, it was a story in our school textbook. There it was set in a train and in this book it is set in a cafe. Therein lies the major problem – there is nothing new to look forward to.

So I guess it goes without saying that I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

How about you ? Did you like it more than I did ? Let me know !!


6 thoughts on “And Thereby Hangs A Tale by Jeffrey Archer//Why I Gave It Up

  1. I’ve never read Jeffrey Archer, and now I think he’ll stay permanently on my skip list. Sounds like a total yawnfest!

    I had to laugh at the blind guy story though. Both my parents are totally blind and I can absolutely see my dad doing something like that =P

    Generally I don’t like short story books, as I find them too jarring. I guess if I read one a night it would be okay, but I tend to want to read for longer than that.


    1. I read “A Matter of Honour” ages ago and it didn’t seem all that bad. But his novels are more popular – the recent release seems to be doing well.But I am going to avoid Archer completely from now on too !

      The story by itself is charming – its just I have read way too many versions of it to have an impact anymore.

      That is actually a reason why I picked up this one ! I avoid short stories too so I wanted to try this and maybe pursue the genre more but alas !!


  2. Haven’t read this, but I read a few of his books many, many years ago. They were OK, but nothing spectacular, I thought – whiled away a few hours without too much effort. Your review makes me feel I should leave him alone for another few years… 😉


  3. It’s been ages since I read a Jeffrey Archer book. I loved his earlier books but the later ones seem so predictable and dull. I am going to give this one a skip as well.


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