Book Snobbery – Guilty Or Not ?

This post is based on the one over at Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff. The original post is from Book Riot.

I have placed the original quotes first followed by my views. Time for some introspection and confessions then ! 🙂

E-reading isn’t REAL reading. = I need my personal preferences about my hobby to be validated as the only right and moral way do to a thing.

I refuse to use an e-reader because I just love that old book smell. People who do not love that old book smell are not real readers. = My favorite perfume’s base note is mold.

I don’t read ebooks all that much but it has nothing to do with “old book smells”. I don’t smell my books and all. The main reason is that I don’t own an e-reader and I keep putting it off for someday since its so darn expensive ! But I would sure like to explore that option to make use of great resources like Project Gutenberg. So am I guilty of snobbery ? I don’t think so …..

Making crafts out of old books is a DESECRATION! = I’ve never seen a library dumpster.

Guilty ! Its a family thing – we keep hoarding on old worn out books.

I only read prize-winners/confirmed classics *sniff* = I don’t know how to think for myself.

Not guilty ! Like I’ve written many times before on this blog, I go purely by the blurbs and premise most of the time. There are many books that have got high praise but I’m simply not interested. I don’t read through awards lists either.

Book bloggers are killing literary criticism! = I’m an aging white man in publishing and I don’t know how to think for myself.

How could they – I don’t understand this ! And if I truly believed this, I wouldn’t be writing awful reviews myself would I ? So not guilty !! 😀

Oh, I’ve never heard of that book. Was it reviewed in the NYT/on NPR? = I don’t know how to think for myself.

I use the print media occasionally to get more additions to my TBR but I don’t depend on them alone.  Most of the books I choose are by instinct/curiosity or based on what other bloggers have read and reviewed. So not guilty here too !!

I would never read the tripe that is Twilight/50 Shades/Oprah’s Book Club selection, and I am going to tweet that statement 50 million times. = I am still as worried about being cool as I was when I was in high school.

Partially guilty. I know for a fact that I will never read them but I’m not going to keep announcing it to the whole world. I have always kept my reasons to myself.

The book is always better than the movie, no exceptions. = I’ve never seen The Godfather or The Princess Bride and also I am no fun at parties.

I can’t answer this properly because I am the worst when it comes to movie-watching. I usually watch a movie years after everyone else has or I don’t watch it at all ! And anyways, even if I decide to watch a movie these days, I gravitate more towards ones like the Marvel franchise, etc. So I have to pass this one !

Rap music is not poetry, but Joni Mitchell/Bob Dylan/Belle and Sebastian is. = I am racist.

Not guilty ! I don’t judge any type of music – music preferences are highly personal and my own tastes very erratically depending on my mood.

People who shop at Amazon for books are evil = I have disposable income and like to make moral judgements about people who do not.

Not guilty ! I don’t shop at Amazon but that is because I have been using an Indian e-commerce website for over a year now and I see no reason to change. I know all about the recent Amazon vs authors feud but as someone who waits for discounts like a predator, I can hardly fake the moral high-ground.

I would NEVER dog ear pages, crease a spine, or eat food while reading = I have unreasonable expectations about how much the people to whom I bequeath my books when I die will actually want them.

Guilty ! What can I say ? Its just the way it is. 😐

I don’t have a TV because that would cut into my reading time. Did I mention I don’t have a TV? Hey. You there. I don’t have a TV. I don’t get that TV reference. = I am not all that interesting. Also, I watch three hours of Netflix a night on my laptop.

Of course not ! I am addicted to TV – I watch so many series from travel and lifestyle to crime and thrillers. Its a craze !

I don’t care if the main character is likable. It’s the PROSE that’s the thing.= My ability to tolerate insufferable jerks makes me better than you because you’re obviously only reading for escapism, which is an inferior motivation for reading.

Guilty I guess. I don’t like overly saccharine characters. More than the prose, I prefer it if the characters go through some kind of internal contemplation. Maybe because I believe that not everyone is likable all the time. Agree ?

I’m not a romance/crime/Western reader. I mean, I’ll read LITERARY genre. SOMETIMES. = My kitchen is full of quinoa and kale and soy ice cream. Someone please validate what a grown-up I am.

Not guilty ! 😀 I love crime and thrillers and its my comfort genre. And soy ice cream ? Yuck 😦

I don’t understand adults who read YA. You’re a grown-up person, you should read grown-up books. = I don’t like dancing in the rain or ice cream cones or trampolines or whimsy and my neck tie is too tight.

I guess it’s good that they’re reading at all. = I will internally judge you until your reading tastes morph to match my own, which are far superior to yours because I read more books written by white men who live in Brooklyn.

Should I write a Slate like article and get more page views ? 😉

Its simple – I am not well-read compared to some people out there and I would really hate it if they were to criticize my tastes in reading. So I practice the same towards others. Lets all read what we want to and stay civil !

There are some specific instances where I may judge though. Like when girls spend their entire teens reading only stuff like Mills and Boon – at least mix it up ! When I was in school, some girls in my class used to spend all their free time reading books by the Olsen twins 😐 I don’t think even the most non-judging bookworms among you guys can defend that!

So does that make me guilty ? I’ll let you decide !

There you have it – my honest answers 🙂 What do you think of them ? More importantly, what are you guilty of ? 😉


7 thoughts on “Book Snobbery – Guilty Or Not ?

  1. I should do this too some time. I sometimes feel that I’m a book snob. Other times, I don’t think I’m so guilty since I do read genre fiction (particularly fantasy). It was great reading your responses. An ereader is expensive but if you mostly read classics in the public domain, it’s worth it I think. Also, you can check out library ebooks via overdrive. That’s a fantastic service. The basic kindle paper white is a little over 100 in America. I think it is the best kindle. No extra bells and whistles. But I have a computer for all that. Well, I guess I’ve just advertised for Amazon haha


    1. Thank you !
      It is mainly for classics that I want to explore the option of an ereader. And thank you so much for letting me know about Overdrive – I am a bit lost when it comes to such things 😀

      I was excited about Paperwhite when it was launched in India but it costs Rs.11,000 !! That just seems to steep a price so I am in 2 minds whether its worth the money or not.


  2. Haha! Fun! And you’re very honest… I guess I’d have to own up a bit to being a snob about romance (though I love Georgette Heyer) and to thinking prose is more important than liking the characters – sometimes. But I hope amateur reviews are killing literary criticism – it really so needs to be killed…doesn’t it?


    1. Thank you ! 🙂

      Likable characters aren’t necessary in my opinion too. And I don’t read all that much romance either but thats the tomboy in me talking 😀 My cousin sister and I used to solve or come up with adventure and mystery stories when we were young – oddballs !

      But I don’t get how they kill it in the first place ! Surely a few bloggers sharing their views isn’t that big a threat ?


      1. Haha! My friend and I used to ride round the neighbourhood on our horses (which were really our bikes!) solving mysteries that we’d made up…firmly based on Enid Blyton.

        I reckon it’s probably Amazon reviews they object to most – people judging on the basis of overall star ratings rather than reading lengthy reviews. But sometimes the literary reviews are so pretentious and quite often full of spoilers, so I tend to avoid reading them.


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