Top Ten Tuesday : TV shows

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created at the Broke and Bookish. Check out their blog and join in the fun !  

So these are my top 10 TV shows and instead of just typing it up, I have represented them by my favourite characters from those shows – takes care of 2 things in one shot (yes, I am lazy). Do you know all of them ?



And since I can’t think of anymore TV shows I really like, here are 2 of my all time favourite movies

Michaelcoreleone.jpg         HeathJoker.png

Are any of these your favourites ? If they are, whats your favourite line/catchphrase from them ? 

Link your TTT in the comments too ! 



24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : TV shows

  1. I can recognise Homeland,Dexter,Big Bang Theory,Two and a Half Men (or Anger Management?),and of course Dr House.There’s also White Collar.

    And for the movie characters,Michael Corleone and the Joker! I like both as I think it takes great actors to portray them to perfection.Both Ledge and Pacino were perfect in their roles! 🙂


    1. Its two and a half men 🙂 The ones you missed are The Shield and The Kumars at no.42 – do check those out !

      And full points for guessing the movies – I’ve seen both countless times and still get excited everytime I see them ! They were perfect and set benchmarks no one else can reach 🙂


  2. House is such an awesome show! I’ve really have to start watching the Big Bang Theory… it seems like everyone loves it but I have never even seen a single episode!


  3. I love BBT! And Two and a Half Men. House I’ve watched a few but not all. Now it’s made me think of some more series! Grey’s Anatomy, Green Wing and Scrubs.
    Lynn 😀


  4. Oh House!! Terrible bed side manner of course but I know more than a few docs who wish they could drop their filter and say some of those things to patients sometimes. ; )
    For some reason this is the only list I’ve seen so far with The Big Bang Theory!! Such a great show!


  5. I’ve seen most of these shows and they are my favourites too. I would also add Castle to the list, then it’d be perfect for me. Sheldon, Neal, Dexter and the Joker – great characters and actors. I like your list very much 🙂


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