Top Ten Tuesday : Summer TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created at the Broke and Bookish. Check out their blog and join in the fun !  

So the topic this week is Top Ten Books In My Summer To-Be-Read List. How can I possibly restrict the list to 10 ?? My TBR in Goodreads currently stands at over a 100 !

So I decided to make this the Top Ten TBR Books I Have With Me . The list is subject to change if I end up buying an exciting new book 😉

You can check out the books on Goodreads by clicking on the titles. In no particular order

India After Gandhi , Ramachandra Guha

India Since Independence, Bipan Chandra

The Thistle and The Drone , Akbar Ahmed


Em and the Big Hoom , Jerry Pinto

Show Business, Shashi Tharoor

The Secret of Father Brown, GK Chesterton


The Scarecrow, Michael Connelly

Catch 22, Joseph Heller

The Discovery of India, Jawaharlal Nehru

Glimpses of World History, Jawaharlal Nehru


Read any of these ? Link your TTT in the comments and you will be helping my TBR explode further (always a good thing) ! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday : Summer TBR List

  1. You have listed so many interesting books about India! I work for an Indian company, and last year I read Rohinton Mistry’s A Fine Balance, so I’ve been wanting to find some good books about India because I realize how little I really know about it.


  2. Catch 22 is on my wish-list too!! As soon as I get some money,I’ll buy it!
    I only know about Nehru through my mother.She told me about the letter which Nehru,while in prison,wrote to her daughter regarding the blind veneration of idols and how religion came to such a state where idols and ceremonies are prerequisites.

    If you’re also interested in Indian literature,you might consider reading God of Small Things,Midnight’s Children and The Inheritance of Loss.I think you might have heard of all three,given that they are all Booker Prize Winners.Of the three,I’ve only read the first and it is a really,really moving and beautiful book – one of my favourites! 🙂


    1. Catch 22 seems to be polarising opinions – either people love it or don’t finish it at all. Lets see how we fare 🙂
      Nehru was actually a voracious reader and writer. In fact Glimpses of World History is a series of letters he wrote to his daughter, Indira, from prison and they cover history from Indus Valley to 1938 ! And all written from memory ! Scholars around the world acknowledge that his analysis in those letters is on par with research papers and how he wrote all that with no reference at hand is remarkable.

      I have heard of all 3 (I am from India) but have somehow never felt inclined to pick up either (I tend to stay away from writing/movies that tend to portray India in a negative light). Maybe I should try them soon with a fresh mind ! 🙂


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