For the animal lover bookworm

I’m an animal lover and more specifically, a dog-lover. And as is the case of most such people, it runs in the family.  To give a movie analogy, we get more emotional over movies like Marley & Me, Turner & Hooch, Yellow Dog, Hachiko, etc. Even when watching Dante’s Peak, we were more worried about the fact that their dog got left behind than the fact that this family was trying to escape lava !!

As a kid, I went through a phase when all I would read was books related to animals. The 2 worlds of books and dogs were so important for me that I named our first dog Joseph (after Heidi).

So if you’re someone who is as crazy about animals as I am, what are the authors whose books you’ll enjoy ?

1. Gerald Durrell 

I remember laughing my head off when reading Rosy is my relative. I would actually insist on reading it aloud to my parents (poor people !). I don’t want to give away the story but let me just put a hook here – Rosy is not who you think she is 😉

2. James Herriot 

He was a veterinarian by profession and hence a lot of his writing is part-autobiographical.If you start reading his novels, you’ll most likely go on a binge trying to read all of his works because they are endearing to say the least. He is also one of those authors who go on to become family favourites – even last week, my uncle was trying to tell me his favourite Herriot story but all he could manage to say was “Herriot —- dog— stomach”  in between all the laughing. 😀

3. Joy Adamson 

She was a naturalist and her most famous works (also made into films) are  Born Free, Living Free and Forever Free – all 3 centred around Elsa, the lioness.  I guess the books are powerful because they are all based on her own experiences and you can’t help but admire her dedication towards conservation.

4. Jack London 

His most famous works are White Fang and Call of the Wild. They don’t exactly make for very easy-reading for a dog-lover but its definitely worth it because the writing is powerful and the stories stay with you for ages.

In the same breadth, what is the book you should probably avoid?

Where the red fern grows by Wilson Rawls – I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember whether I read any work of fiction on animals after reading this but no, I haven’t. This book is bound to make you cry and my logic for giving up on the genre was simple – when I was actually facing the death of my pets in real life, the last thing I need is to read about it in fiction too !

Are you an animal lover too ? What are your favourite books/movies on animals ?


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