The Impetus

Lets start with some insight into who I am as a person. I am not all that fond of social networking and I determinedly stay away from all social media platforms despite friends and random acquaintances going out of their way to convince me about the multifold benefits of social media. What then would prompt such a person, a Luddite if you will, to embrace blogging ? And more importantly, why am I the “Resurgent Bookworm” ?

The answer – a simple exchange of emails 

A Professor whom I respect and revere happened to casually mention in one of the emails of his colleague who read a 100 books in 2011 and went on to read a 101 in 2013. I guess it goes without saying what a tremendous achievement that is – even more so because it seemed as if every genre that the human mind could perceive had been covered by him.

Admiration aside, it also served as a painful reminder about the status of my own reading habit. The fact that for the past 4 years I had completely allowed my habit of reading to lapse and worse, I am unable to explain why. It brought back memories of days when I used to read 2 books in a day. Maybe the presence of well founded reasons will alleviate the guilt of precious time being wasted but honestly, there aren’t any. The unfortunate truth is that I allowed matters of insignificance to take absolute precedence. 

I’ve now allowed the optimist in me to take over and make up for lost time.

The Target – 25 books in 2014

Granted, the target is no where close to the original inspiration of 100. But I have been cautious and set it with practical considerations in mind. I’m writing a big exam this year –  if I get through, it will change my life and if I don’t, I’ll be in gut-wrenching status quo.

Armed with a target and some much needed inspiration, I’ve set off. And since this means so much to me, I want its log to be preserved and I want to share it with like-minded people.

So here is wishing me luck ! 


5 thoughts on “The Impetus

  1. Hi!

    I feel there’s no better way to spend your precious time than on books. The more the merrier..
    Would be happy to recommend some interesting reads if you share what kind of books you like and as a fellow bookworm wish you all the best in your journey.



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